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Sports Results



Cricket vs Gateway 14/02/19

1st Team

Toss Hartmann House (Bowl)

Gateway 70/10 in 17.2

Hartmann House 62/10 in 19.3

Hartmann House lost by 8 Runs

2nd Team

Hartmann House 87/8 in 20
K Shariff 18 runs, E Chivasa 24runs
Gateway 40/10 in 15
S Musendekwa 3/7 in 4, T Zvanyadza 5/13 in 3,

M Chikukwa 2/8 in 4
Hartmann House won by 47runs
3rd Team

Toss Gateway (bowl)
Hartmann House 78/9 (20 overs)
Tadiwa Maunze 14 Tafara Dakwa 11
Gateway 34/10 (17.1 overs)
J Sambaza 3/9 (3), M Chiromo 3/9 (4),M Gaka 2/7 (4)
Hartmann House won by 44 runs


Cotton Fields Cross-country 15/02/19

Junior Boys

2nd J Selous, 6th T Bwerazuva, 8th S Nyapadi/84 runners.

Seniors Boy

2nd B Raynars, 3rd T Madamombe, 13th Ngirazi/84 runners.

Junior Boys

A Team 2nd

Seniors Boys

A Team 1st

Overall Positions

A Team 1st out of 14 Schools

B Team 6th out of 14 Schools

Congratulations to Mudiwa Gurupira for his appointment as Vice Captain of the School Athletics team and Mukudzeishe Mungwadzi for being appointed Captain.