Hartmann House competes in the First Division of the EPSA Athletics League, our coaches and boys work very hard for the school to stay in this tough division. Despite the number of boys in the schools that Hartmann House competes with, Hartmann House continues to be a top athletics school. Field disciplines (high jump and long jump) are taught to all boys. However, only boys from under 11 to under 13, participate in these disciplines at inter-school events. All the boys take part in track events, but only boys who are under 12 and 13 take part in hurdles. The four Housemasters are involved with coaching athletics, this gives them a unique opportunity to carefully select their boys and put them in appropriate teams for the Inter-House Athletics. The Inter-House is divided into two parts, prior events and main events. All jumps and the 1500m races are done during the prior events, leaving all track events to be conducted on the main events day.  Other than the major EPSA meet which is held in the second last week of term, Hartmann House participates in the Bishopslea and the Ruzawi Invitational Meets.