Learning Shona at Hartman House has truly become a fun and lively experience. This is because of the Shona Village which is a key feature of the Shona department.

This is a real-life model of a traditional Zimbabwean home featuring thatched huts, arranged in the format of a traditional homestead, including the granary (hozi) and other huts used for different purposes. The huts are fully furnished with traditional utensils, instruments and foods customarily found in a traditional Shona home. The Shona Village provides a practical teaching aid where pupils can see, touch and experience the items they are learning about during lessons. Students who do not speak Shona as their mother language at home (L2 learners) especially benefit from the Shona village, because in addition to practical learning, they are provided with appropriate context.

Our aim is not only to help students pass, we also aspire to foster a genuine interest and passion for mastering the language for a long lasting impact beyond their time at Hartman House.

– Mrs G. Ngwena