The Remedial Department is growing in leaps and bounds. There are small groups of boys from each grade who come to the Remedial classroom for a couple of sessions a week.  This time is devoted to covering concepts that have not been fully understood.  Techniques are used from NILD Levels 1 and 2, ILT and a variety of spelling schemes.  Games, whiteboard activities, physical objects, practical counters and a variety of other resources are used in these lessons to encourage the boys to enjoy the learning experience and the subject matter.
I also go into classes to teach lessons, covering areas in which the majority of boys in that class may be struggling, e.g. Comprehension, Spelling, and Problem Sum concepts and strategies.

Workshops are organised twice a term to assist teachers with their teaching; they cover problem areas and enable staff to share valuable ideas with each other.  Concentrating on syllable work has made a huge difference in the teaching approach to spelling.
Hundreds of new reading books have been added to the expanding Resource Centre, allowing those boys who enjoy reading to continue to do so at their own pace.  Incentive drives take place to encourage the boys to read more and more throughout the year.
The Resource Centre prides itself on having some superb equipment for practical Maths and Science lessons.  These include, but are not limited to, a Human Anatomical Torso, Skeleton, Magnifying glasses, Magnet sets, Volume containers, Distance measuring tools and numerous charts for display.  There are files containing exciting ideas and worksheets for teachers to use to bring more excitement and practical ideas into their lessons.
The Department’s goal is to make learning exciting and to have the resources to help teachers who are passionate about helping children reach their full potential.  The more practical the learning, the more the children will learn and find learning enjoyable and fun.
‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.’
~Nelson Mandela
Miss Joy Flanagan
Remedial Teacher