Everything done at Hartmann House celebrates the continuing action of God’s Holy Spirit in ourselves, in others and in the world around us. In celebrating life, we are worshipping God. “The glory of God is humankind fully alive,” so said St. Irenaeus. Our main act of worship, therefore, is the enjoyment given to us by the people we meet and the activities in which we engage.
Hartmann House chapel services are designed to underline this fundamental truth. At them, we also celebrate the forgiveness and mercy of God in recognising our failures to him and one another. But for the Catholics among us, worship culminates in the Eucharist, which is the celebration of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. From God’s love for us we in turn have for one another. Cura Personalis stresses the personalised care for each individual which is part of our Jesuit/Ignatian heritage. This care includes offering counselling and other support for those pupils may need it variously in the course of their life at school.
Other activities related to our chaplaincy include the Lenten visits we make to various institutions taking what donations we are able to raise to make our love show itself “more in deeds than in words” as St. Ignatius is often quoted to say. Thus our chaplaincy seeks to fulfil one of the five elements of the profile of a graduate of a Jesuit school, namely, that the graduate ought to be a person who is loving.

Arthur Garande