Hartmann House views swimming as a critical life skill. Swimming lessons are conducted in Term 1 and Term 3. In the swimming terms classes have a 45 minute morning swimming lesson per week. This comprehensive program involves all classes from Grades 0 to 7. The program is designed to ensure that all boys have a high swimming proficiency. Particular focus is given to the Infants, and this effort is centered on ensuring that every boy feels confident and safe in water. For boys who take up swimming as a sport, they are able to do this as a chosen sport during the afternoon activities program. The Interhouse Championship Swimming Gala is held in the 3rd Term. Prior to that we have a non-Championship Gala, this is done to ensure that all boys regardless of ability are involved in competitive races. The main school team that participates in the Division One League main Inter-school’s Gala is selected from the Interhouse Galas.