Our thrust as the sports department is to continue having a school where boys have access to a robust, well-structured highly organised physical education and sports programme, which will promote social development and life skills, as well as basic exercise and advanced skills training. All this in the confines of a fun and safe environment extensively involving all boys from Infants (Grades 0 to 2) and the main School, Grades 3 to7. The Hartmann House sports programme has and sustains a very positive impact on the boys. Most importantly the boys must continue to learn communication and interaction, while being challenged to excel physically and mentally. The boys are taught valuable skills such as Sportsmanship And Integrity and the boys will continuously be taught to have a very  high regard for the truth, playing according to the rules as well as acting in ethical ways at all times. These are critical tenets that tie in very well with the School’s ethos as a Jesuit establishment.

Hartmann House offers a huge variety of sporting activities reinforcing the need for the boys to participate in the widest possible range, competing at various inter-school levels. The school enables the boys to play against schools of the same quality and standards. We participate in inter-provincial tournaments and embark on national and international tours. It is imperative that while the boys are at Hartmann House they must get vast exposure to all levels of competition. Hartmann House has given rise to many boys in various sporting codes who have represented Harare Province and a number of boys who have progressed to represent Zimbabwe at International level.  Hartmann House offers excellent sporting facilities, coaches and equipment. In general boys have four afternoons of sporting activities per week, Monday to Thursday, as well as participating in some Friday and Saturday matches, festivals and tournaments.

It is our strong belief that parents, guardians and teachers should encourage the boys to participate in sport. We believe that sport establishes the notion of trust and builds teamwork, hard work and perseverance. These fundamentals translate beyond the field of play into all aspects of life, whether be it in the classroom or at home.  On this front we continuously work closely with parents; the objective being the establishment of a stable and continuous parents’ support base. Boys/parents get a very detailed termly calendar which has all the school activities, and in instances where there is a deviation from this calendar at short notice, parents are notified via the D6 communicator.

Juniors (Colts)
Born 2012 Under 9
Born 2011 Under 10
Born 2010 Under 11
Born 2009 Under 12
Born 2008 Under 13
Born 2007 Under 14 (Open/Overage)
Boys participate in age groups as per the year they were born in, age groups are not necessarily determined by the grade they are in.

HOUSE                           HOUSE COLOUR                 HOUSE MASTER
JOHANNY                          Yellow                                          Mr E Thomu
HARTMANN                      Blue                                              Mr T Mungate
GARDNER                         Red                                                Mr R Masvosva
BARTHELEMY                 Green                                            Mr I Mushaninga
ATHLETICS                Mr B Nyoni
CROSS-COUNTRY    Mr I Mushaninga
CRICKET                     Mr E Njazi
HOCKEY                      Mr R Masvosva
SOCCER                       Mr B Nyoni
RUGBY                         Mr E Njazi
TABLE TENNIS         Mrs G Ngwena
SWIMMING               Mrs L Tomlinson
TENNIS                       Mrs F Mushaninga
VOLLEYBALL            Mr F Busuman