At Hartmann House, we offer one of the widest ranges of cultural activities in Junior Schools in the country. Aimed at developing boys for the world they will live in, our cultural program offers a vast array of opportunities and all boys find a club which they identify with and choose to take on seriously. Every boy at Hartmann House will experience each and every club in detail and then choose one that he identifies with which he then pursues and takes even further. We also have a wide array if optional clubs which the boys can take part in. Through these optional clubs, boys can nurture an interest which is not offered by in house school teachers.
Through all of these clubs, we aim to prepare all the boys for the world which they will live in and at the heart of it, our motto, AMDG, to the greater glory of God. We also try to nurture values of team work, creativity, goal setting and critical thinking. Each discipline in our Cultural Curriculum has had many successes and looks forward to more in the future.

Bright Gwati
Cultural Director