Art Club

ART CLUB Navigation Boys have the opportunity of doing Art as a club as part of our cultural program. At this tender age, boys are highly creative and are given the opportunity to show their artistic abilities as well as express their individual thoughts and ideas. This helps to enhance their confidence, thereby utilise the skills […]

Junior Computer Club

COMPUTER CLUB Navigation Digital citizenship is a topic that we address more carefully in the club. We focus on ‘respect’ and ‘protect” as the two foundational components of good digital citizenship. We’ll also look at three pillars of digital responsibility:•    Copyright and fair use•    Online safety•    CommunicationWe use the SAFE! program to define digital citizenship […]


CLUBS Wildlife Wildlife Our local flora and fauna is suffering at the development and recklessness of human behavior. Wildlife aims to teach children how to care for their natural environment in sustainable methods. Regular … Read More Drama Drama Speech & Drama is a very popular club amongst the boys. This club is key in […]