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Mashambanzou Visit

Friday, March 15th, 2019 | Announcement

We left school at 0800 and arrived at 0845. The boys took groceries for the clients at Mashambanzou Care Trust. We were welcomed by Milton and Tinaye, the social workers at the institution. The boys then had a lecture on Sexual Reproductive Health. The boys asked a lot of questions on condoms and how people get infected by the virus. They then went round visiting the patients in the wards. One boy was so affected by the visit that he cried when he saw the suffering patients. The children observed that a lot of them were extremely skinny.

The boys were quite loud and animated before they went into the wards. After wards they were very subdued.

They learnt to abstain from sexual activity until they are old enough. The y pointed out the following:

They were lucky to have what they have. They can save to donate more to this institution. They learnt to resist temptation so as to avoid HIV infection.

TO continue giving psycho-social support to those infected by HIV/AIDS.

This visit was very educational to the boys. It is our hope that the boys will apply what they learnt and avoid

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