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Administration Office Protocols

Friday, May 8th, 2020 | Announcement
Until further notice, please could all stakeholders take note of the following Administration Office protocols :
  1. Reception will be closed to all parents/guardians whilst under lockdown.
  2. The administration offices will be open from 8am – 12pm only Monday to Friday.
  3. All visitors to the Administration Offices will use the stairs by the drop off zone. There will be separate queues for accounts, payments and other set up and social distances will be enforced as well as the wearing of masks, so your cooperation would be appreciated.
  4. Cash and swipe payments to the school can be done at the administration offices. Where possible the administration would prefer payments to be done online, so as to lessen any congestion at the offices (Proof of payments to be emailed to accounts@stgeorges.co.zw and accast@stgeorges.co.zw).
  5. Should a parent wish to come to the school with regard to other issues, please contact Reception by telephone to make an appointment with the relevant person.