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Clubs and Cultural Activities

We offer a very comprehensive cultural program for every boy. In preparing  boys for an ever changing world, we strive to equip them with skills that teach them about values and team work and at the heart of this, we have our founding belief, AMDG, to the greater glory of God.

We offer the following clubs:

 Chess                                                   Speech & Drama                                             Music

 Wildlife                                               Cricket Scorers                                                Crusaders

 Mass Servers                                     Shona Culture                                                  ICT & Programming

 Public Speaking                                Art                                                                      Youth Against Aids

We also offer paying clubs in the following areas:

 Dance                                                 French                                                               Taekwondo

 Judo                                                   Guitar & Drums                                               Dragons Swimming

 Marimba

To mention a few of the highlights of our cultural program, we have the following achievements:

Our Speech and Drama department in conjunction with the Music Department staged “Tut, Tut!” which is a full school musical which was a resounding success.

Hartmann House is home to the Hartmann House Junior boys Choir which has won numerous awards at the NIAA Eisteddfod.

Boys from our Wildlife team are going through to the Mashonaland finals for the WEZ Quiz.

Our Art boys have entered a number of works into the NIAA Eisteddfod and won numerous awards in their age group.

Our chess boys take part in the Schools Chess league and compete with other schools.

We have a lot of clubs on offer and each club has its own story to tell.

Not every boy is an academic or a sportsman and so with our Cultural Program, we aim to give all boys, whether sporty or not, a chance to find an activity they can make their own and gain confidence from, whilst equipping them for the challenges they will face in life.