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Shona Visit To Chishawasha Village

Monday, March 18th, 2019 | Announcement
On the 20th of March 2019, the grade 7 classes visited three families in Chishawasha village to learn about Shona customs and how people live in the rural areas. Each class was assigned a family homestead and the parents at the assigned homestead became the teachers for the day. The main thrust was learning about kitchen utensils, farming equipment, the various dwellings at a homestead, gardens and fields, rural life and the food they eat.
The visit was a great success as the boys learnt a lot. Grade 7 Borgia went through the process of harnessing oxen to the yoke and ploughing. Grade 7 John went through different topics and then were given green mealies to eat. What a treat! Grade 7 Christopher enjoyed various fruits at the homestead of the Chinyani family after a thorough and comprehensive Shona lesson.
This visit was facilitated by Mr Ngongoni, a teacher at Chishawasha Mission Primary School. We would like to thank him and the headmaster at his school for allowing him to go out into the village with our boys.