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Grade 7s Visit to Mashambanzou Aids Trust

Thursday, March 19th, 2020 | Announcement

We left Hartmann House at 0830 and arrived at 0910. The boys handed over the many groceries to Ma Florence MASHONGA who welcomed us warmly. The boys got hand sanitizers at the gate as they were entering the premises. They had a talk from Tinashe Zimondi (Social Worker) who touched on many pertinent issues regarding puberty and responsibilities. He spoke on peer pressure, and what the boys should do or not do. The talk was highly interactive and boys asked good thought provoking questions.
One such question: Is AIDS zoonotic? (Matambo)
If one is bisexual, how does one know his orientation? (Hodza)
Can Hippos get HIV?
Why do gay people love men when girls look better than us by a gap? (Johns)
The boys also showed a lot of understanding of the activities that youths are engaging in, like Voodoo parties, Kwasa kwasa and masterbation. One gave a version of what he thinks how AIDS started.
He also spoke about ARVs and how they help AIDS patients.  The boys had a very good learning experience and we hope they control their behaviour as they relate to girls henceforth.
Mr. R. Masvosva