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Sunday, September 9th, 2018 | Announcement

Dear Parents and Guardians,

A Happy New Year to you all and I trust that you had an enjoyable “festive season” with your sons and the rest of the family.

A few days into the new term and it looks like routines have already been well established.  Welcome to our new Grade 0 and 1 boys and new boys in the other grades.  We welcome Miss Rademeyer as the new Grade 3 teachers and Mrs Banks as the new Grade 1 teacher.  Miss Durham has been promoted to full time Grade 1 teacher.  Miss Chikombero, Miss Carlsson and Mr Rateiwa are the new Junior Mistresses/Master.

I will update the parent body on the Deputy Headmaster situation next week.

This week the Grade 0, 1 and 2 parents have met the class teachers.  On Monday 20th January, at 5.30pm, the Grade 3 to 7 parents will meet their sons’ class teachers, in their son’s classroom.  (I hope you know where your son’s classroom is situated!)

It was good to see that a number of Grade 3 parents took the opportunity to come to the school when I spoke to the Grade 3 boys on Wednesday morning.

Next Thursday 23rd January, it is the ‘Imperators’ Breakfast’ in the Jubilee Hall.  This is for boys who were awarded the Attainment or Industry Prize at Speech & Prize Giving Day at the end of last term.  Congratulations to the following boys whose reward is a large and tasty breakfast.  These boys must come in their Number 1 uniform on Thursday.

Gr. 2 Thomas Ethan Longwe Omari Bvute
Gr. 2 Philip – Present Gr. 3’s Tafara Chuma Sean Matimbe
Gr. 3 Ruvadiki Mukundi Chigwedere Michael Gwatinetsa
Gr. 3 Theresa – Present Gr. 4’s Benjamin Mupfurutsa Tadiwa Manhando
Gr. 4 Dominic Tawonashe Chigunduru Takudzwa Mahachi
Gr. 4 Patrick – Present Gr. 5’s Munyaradzi Chuma Tawananyasha Mushaninga
Gr. 5 Andrew Tadiwanashe Zvenyika Mufudzi Hogwe
Gr. 5 Bernard – Present Gr. 6’s Tapiwa Dzvairo Irikidzai Mabulala
Gr. 6 Anthony Rafay Mahmood Munashe Chiromo
Gr. 6 Francis – Present Gr. 7’s Christian Nhika Kudakwashe Mlambo


On Sunday 26th January the Grade 7 classes depart for their team building and leadership excursion to “Far and Wide” up at Nyanga.  They return on Thursday 30th January.  I am sure the senior boys will learn a lot about themselves, what they are capable of if they really push themselves and also how important team work is. Letters to the Grade 7 parents about the trip are going out today.  I will join up with the Grade 7 boys for a couple of days.

On Thursday 30th January it is the Grade 4 parents’ Ignatian evening, at 5.30pm in the Grade 7 Christopher classroom.

In the very near future a “fees meeting” will be called for all Hartmann House parents.  I make no excuse about copying exactly what I wrote in my final newsletter of 2019:-

Unfortunately, I am sure the school will need a substantial increase in fees from parents.  If you look at social media sites, there are adverts almost daily from CHISZ/ATS Schools seeking teachers.  There is a definite brain drain of decent, private school teachers due to the economic situation.  Independent Schools who require replacements and pay good salaries, will be acquiring staff from other CHISZ schools who do not pay that well.

St. George’s College and Hartmann House must ensure that we are in that group of top schools who can retain our present staff by looking after them and remunerating them adequately.  We must also be able to entice good calibre teachers from elsewhere to come and teach at Hartmann House/St. George’s College if we need replacements.  It is a simple fact, if we do not increase fees, we will not be able to pay our staff enough and we will not be able to retain good staff and then we are in BIG trouble.



  1. Hartmann House is a day boarding school for the Grade 3 to 7 boys.  In other words, your son is at school from Monday to Thursday from when you drop him off at +/- 7.15am, until you pick him up at 5.00pm.  Please make sure that he comes to school with a healthy snack for break time and a healthy packed lunch for his lunch break.


  1. Whilst on the topic of lunches; ‘Manuelo’s Kitchen’ will be providing lunches again this term. Lunches cost ZWL$40 per day and Mrs Manuel offers a choice of 2 meals each day, and includes a juice or water and a seasonal fruit.  If you want your son to have these lunches, you need to fill in the form and pay for the following week.  This should be done Friday lunchtime, in Mrs Maunze’s office.


  1. Grade 3 to 7 boys should be collected from school as close to 5.00pm as possible. 30pm is the latest any boy should be picked up.  On Friday, boys should be collected at 1.00pm, unless they attend a ‘paying club’ or choir on Friday afternoon.


  1. All clothes (and stationery items) should be clearly marked. It certainly helps us to get the piles of lost property back to the correct owners the next day.


  1. Class swimming is compulsory this term and I suggest your son brings his towel and swimming costume to school EVERY day of the week.


  1. A copy of the 1st Term Fixture Calendar should have come home with your son earlier in the week. Please refer to this on a regular basis.  It will help you identify when there are parents’ meetings or when your son is involved in sports matches if he makes a school sports team.


  1. All boys should have a copy of the Hartmann House Code of Behaviour and I hope it is displayed in a prominent place in your home. Through using it at school we hope to get your sons to be “Men for Others”, instill self-discipline and get the boys to realise that they are responsible for their actions.


  1. All Grade 3 to 7 boys should also have a copy of the “H.H. School Rules and Regulations”. I hope that both you and your sons have read this document thoroughly.

Notes from the Sanatorium

Health Cards:   These must be updated with any chronic illness or conditions- asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, allergies (bee stings) or any other health problem.   They must also be updated with any medication that your son is taking and any changes of contact details or Medical Aid details.

Excuse Notes and Doctor’s Appointments:

  1. If your son is absent from school please inform Sister Macdonald- not his Sports Coach
  2. If absent from school for longer than two days please inform Sister in writing- clinic@hartmannhouse.co.zw . State the nature of the problem and what treatment your son is receiving.
  3. If treatment needs to be administered at school, give it to Sister with instructions- she must administer it here.
  4. If your son has an appointment for medical reasons please notify Sister Macdonald.
  5. If your son is unwell at school, Sister will try to inform you by telephone.

As the rains look like they are settling in, Grade 3 to 7 boys can wear black shorts to their Cross Country and Athletics practices and to tag rugby practices.  It will save their white shorts from being ruined.  Black shorts may NOT be worn to any other sports practices.  Mrs Agiotis has a small stock of black shorts in the uniform shop.

If it is pouring with rain at “pick-up time” in the evening, your son can be collected from “The Tank”.

The “Chain of Command”

The interim plan for Term 1 for any queries or concerns is:-

Anything to do with Grade 0, 1 or 2 – see Mrs Hulett, or contact your class rep and she will contact Mrs Hulett.

Miss Flanagan is in charge of all Grade 3 to 7 Academic matters.

Mr Mushaninga is in charge of basic Grade 3, 4 and 5 discipline and liaising on minor matters with Grade 3, 4 and 5 parents.

Mr Masvosva is in charge of basic Grade 6 and 7 discipline and liaising on minor matters with Grade 6 and 7 parents.

Mr Gwati is in charge of Clubs/Culture.  Mr Njazi is in charge of all sport at Hartmann House.  Once again, if there are queries or concerns, see or contact the person in charge of the area that you have the query with or go through your class rep.

If the matter is an extremely serious one, contact Mrs Carr and it will be referred to myself.

Here’s to a successful and productive first few weeks of Term 1 2020.

Yours sincerely,

 MR L.J. Dancer