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Headmaster's End Of Term Letter

Thursday, July 26th, 2018 | Announcement

26th July 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The shortened second term of 2018 has cascaded to an end. It is amazing how the past twelve weeks have raced by.

The Grade 7 Christopher class was the last H.H. class to take part in this year’s NIAA Speech and Drama Competition and were awarded a 1st Grade. At the NIAA Final Concert and Awards Ceremony last Saturday, Jamie Kamasho and Tristan Chirinda were awarded the NIAA Duologue Cup for both Senior and Junior School participants. Sincere congratulations to these two boys, what a great award and honour. The Kilalea Cup for the best Playlet/Dramatic Excerpt was awarded to the H.H. Speech and Drama Club and Ryan Edziwa was the best Junior Runner-up. Well done to all who took part in the different NIAA categories and to all the staff who were involved, especially Mrs Darrell who co-ordinated all the entries.

The results of the Inter-House Chess Competition which took place last Thursday were :- 4th Gardner, 3rd Johanny, 2nd Barthelemy and congratulations to the winning house, Hartmann.

At the Inter Provincial Rugby Tournament over the week-end of 13/14th July, Harare North beat Easterns in the final match and Cletto Kawondera was awarded the “Player of the Tournament” award.

On Saturday 21st July the following H.H. boys were awarded their Zimbabwe Colours for being part of the “Choice Children’s Choir” in South Africa several weeks ago, when the choir represented Zimbabwe at these “Choir Olympics”; Ethan Rutsito, Thomas Muchingaidze, Atikudza Chingwecha, Mukudzei Mutyatu, Simbarashe Marufu and Dalubuhle Ncube.

Results of house matches this week were as follows:-
INTER-HOUSE HOCKEY – 1ST – Barthelemy 2ND – Hartmann 3RD – Gardner / Johanny – tie
INTER-HOUSE SOCCER -1ST – Gardner 2ND – Barthelemy 3RD – Hartmann 4TH   Johanny
INTER-HOUSE RUGBY – 1ST  –  Gardner 2ND – Barthelemy 3RD – Johanny 4TH – Hartmann

The following boys were awarded Term 2 Sports and Cultural Awards at assembly on Tuesday.


HOCKEY Takudzwa Mangena Terrence Mugabe Tinashe Muyedzwa
Takudzwa Magaya Ethan Chivasa Ryan Hodza
Nokutenda Gunda Simbarashe Marufu Sebastian Jeffery
Ethan Rutsito Matthew Chikukwa S’busiso Msimanga
Munesu Chitongo Chandler Moyo
Denzel Nyamanjiwa
RUGBY Anotidaishe Tawanja Munesu Chitongo Corey Ndlovu
Marques Evans Iphile Chigiji Ethan Ngirandi
Anesuishe Kagande Tinashe Gonese Imbirai Guzha
Tashinga Chingonzo Tadiwanashe Hunda
Cletto Kawondera Takudzwa Makanyanga
SOCCER Nokutenda Gunda Musawenkosi Nkomo Brett Raynars
Brayden Raynars Tinovonga Tome Joey Sambaza
Takudzwa Mangena Mudiwa Gurupira Sebastian Jeffery
Takudzwa Magaya Atikudza Chingwecha Jaydn Petersen
Munotida Ndoroh Mukudzeishe Mungwadzi Tinashe Muyedzwa
Tatenda Tivafukidze Bernard Gwarada
Brandon Shambare Nashe Matambo
Sean Gwamba


SPEECH AND Jamie Kamasho
DRAMA Adrian Ngomacheza
Tristan Chirinda
Emmanuel Murawo
Keith Musemburi
CHESS Panashe Kasumba Kudzai Shone
Tatenda Tivafukidze Michael Mukori
James Charumbira Mukudzei Mutyatyu
Tawananyasha Kunaka
MUSIC Ethan Rutsito Atikudza Chingwecha
Dalubuhle Ncube
Simbarashe Marufu
Mukudzei Mutyatyu
Thomas Machingaidze

As mentioned in my last newsletter; Grade 0, 1 and 2 reports will be sent home today.  Grade 3 to 7 reports can be collected from the

  • office, from Tuesday 7th In the Grade 3 to 7 reports, please pay attention to the class average and compare it to your

son’s mark for that particular subject. That is where you will see how well your son is doing in the subject compared to the other boys in that grade. If you are needing to see your son’s teacher, please make an appointment early next term. I suggest that you sit with your son(s) and go through the report with him (them).

Grade 3 to 7 classes have been set some holiday work for consolidation and revision purposes. Please ensure that your son completes these tasks. The work is not meant to be arduous but to keep the boys academic skills sharp, ready for a long and demanding Third Term of work.

During the holidays, there will be swimming practices for the H.H. swimming team boys for two weeks during the holidays. Although these are not compulsory, I would urge all parents to get their sons if they are part of the H.H. swimming team, to attend. It will prove to be invaluable, particularly if we want to mount a challenge next term against the better Division One swimming schools.

The dates and times of the swimming coaching at H.H. are Monday 20th August through to Friday 31st August; from 10am to 12 noon, excluding Saturday and Sunday.

Also during the holidays the Stragglers Cricket week is hosted by Stanbic at H.H. All junior school cricketers, (both colts – grades 4/5 and seniors – grades 6/7), can participate in this week. It is an excellent week of cricket and the boys who take part have plenty of opportunity to bat and bowl. Any interested boys, or their parents, should contact the school office or Mr Martin for application forms. The Stragglers week takes place from Monday 27th August, through to Friday 31st August.

  1. It is possible to do both swimming training and the Stragglers week.

Hopefully the interior of the Grade 3 classroom will be completely refurbished during the school holidays and by the end of the year new classroom furniture should be in place. Thanks to H.H. SDC for sponsoring this worthwhile initiative.

A few things for next term :-

  • Term 3 commences at 25am on Tuesday 4th September. There are NO afternoon activities on the afternoon of Tuesday 4th September. Boys should be collected at 1.00pm. The staff are all involved in Curriculum Development sessions. Clubs and Sports commence on Wednesday 5th September.
  • As we did last year; we will collect stationery items up until half term. We aim to fill 100 boxes with educational stationery material. This is a “Miracle Missions” initiative and the boxes that we fill for our “Christmas School Box” appeal will be donated to an under privileged rural Jesuit School.

Please could you collect as many stationery items as possible during the holidays. These can be dropped off with the class teacher when term 3 commences. The suggested list of stationery items is attached to this newsletter.

  • Despite pleas to mark every article of clothing and every piece of equipment that your son brings to school, we still have piles of unmarked Lost Property on a weekly basis. Please ensure all items; clothing, stationery, sports kit; are all marked for the beginning of Term 3. Please mark clothing with proper name tags. Initials written in ink pen on items of clothing are of no use at all, when it comes to identifying items that have been left at school.


Please see the information from Mr Gwati and mark this date in your diary. This event is open to any of your friends/relatives and acquaintances. The funds raised will go towards a new modern sound system to be installed in the Jubilee Hall.

The Hartmann House Cultural Day/Family Fun day is going through a reform this year and we’re excited to bring the first edition of the Hartmann House African Music Festival in its place. Keeping the ideals of Cultural Day in place, we will still have an emphasis of the day being a chance to spend the day with your loved ones and family. We have decided to go with a festival celebrating the talent which we have in both our young musicians and professionals alike. The day is set for Saturday the 29th of September with a 1:00 pm start. A variety of performances will be happening through the course of the day with the big highlight concert of the day being the internationally acclaimed artist Hope Masike being our headlining act. We will have all sorts of activities for young and old happening throughout the day with a full size stage on Nixon field. We will be charging an entrance fee of $5 per child and $10 for adults. We will also be charging $10 per child for a ticket book which they can then use to buy themselves food and drink in the many stalls that will be available. Unfortunately cooler boxes will not be permitted but we do assure you that food & beverage will be very decently priced. A letter will be going out in the first week of next term to confirm attendance. Come join us for a day of fun and excitement for the whole family at the Hartmann House African Music Festival.

We say farewell to two of our Junior Masters, Mr Simbarashe Charuma and Mr Kudzai Marimira. They depart to further their tertiary studies. Grateful thanks for all their contributions to life at H.H. They will be replaced by Mr Prince Mpfurutsa, ex SGC and Mr Tanaka Machaya, ex Falcon College.

To end off we have news of an ex H.H. boy, Jabulani Mupawose, who is now in Form 1 at SGC. He recently represented Zimbabwe at the World Championship of Performing Art Competition held in Los Angeles, USA. He was very successful and was awarded the following in his category:-

1. Gold medal for Spokes modelling.

2. Bronze medal for Classical Acting.

3. He reached the semi-finals of the WCOPA and was awarded a medal for that. Zimbabwe were one of three African countries to take part among the 63 other competing countries.


MERIT/EFFORT AWARDS for Week 10 – Congratulations to the following boys:

House point totals for Term 2 2018 are as follows:-


1st Place – Hartmann with 258.5 points, 2nd place – Gardner with 239 points, 3rd place Barthelemy with 220 points and 4th place Johanny with 210.5 points. Congratulations Hartmann.

The Provisional Term 3 2018 fixture calendar is attached to the newsletter. The final calendar will be sent out on the first day of next term.

I hope you manage to spend lots of good quality time with your sons during these August holidays. Thanks to all H.H. parents and friends of Hartmann House, who have supported the school in so many ways during this second term of 2018.

Yours sincerely




Hockey vs St John’s 12/07/18 Rugby vs Ruzawi 18/07/18
Colts A HH lost 2-0 Colts A HH lost 49-7
Colts B HH lost 4-2 Colts B HH lost 52-0
Colts C HH lost 2-1 Colts C HH lost 54-0
Colts D HH lost 3-0 Grade 3’s HH lost 36-5
Soccer vs Westridge 18/07/18
Colts E 1-1
HH Colts C vs Westridge Colts A HH lost 2-1
Sharon Grade 3 Hockey Festival 12/07/18
HH Colts D vs Westridge Colts A HH lost 2-0
Grade 3A’s vs
Grade 3’s HH won 2-0
Sharon Bs HH won 2-0
Soccer vs North Park 19/07/18
Sharon As HH lost 2-0
1st HH  won  2-0
Avonlea 0-0 2nd HH won 4-0
Westridge 0-0 Ruzawi 7-Aside Rugby and Soccer Festival 21/07/18
Grade 3B’s Vs Pool Matches Rugby vs
Avonlea 0-0 Hellenic HH won 20-10
Sharon B’s 0-0 Eaglesvale HH lost 10-15
Sharon A’s 0-0 Lendy Park HH won 25-0
Hellenic Day and Night Rugby Festival 13/07/18 Pool Matches Soccer vs
Lendy Park HH won 3-2
Colts A vs
Eaglesvale 2-2
Eaglesvale HH lost 15-0
Hellenic 2-2
St Johns HH lost 15-0
Bryden Hockey Festival 21/07/18
Lilfordia HH lost 10-0
Hellenic 10-10
Spartans 10-10
Ariel 0-0
Whitestone HH lost 25-5
Twin Rivers HH won 2-0
Springvale HH lost 10-5
Whitestone HH won 1-0
Cross Pool Playoff vs
Lilfordia HH won 1-0
Barwick HH won 20-5
Lomagundi HH won 4-0
Alex Park Grade 3’s Soccer Festival 14/07/18
Bryden HH won 2-0
Grade 3’s Vs
Colts A Vs
Alex Park 0-0
Bryden lost 2-1
North Park 0-0
Whitestone HH lost 1-0
Hallingbury 0-0
Lilfordia 2-2
Alfred Beit 0-0
Lomagundi HH lost 2-0
Soccer vs North Park 16/07/18
Twin Rivers HH won 2-1
Colts A HH won 2-1
Colts B Vs
Colts B 2-2
Bryden HH lost 3-1
Grade 3’s 1-1
Whitestone 1-1
Soccer vs North Park 17/07/18
Lilfordia HH won 4-1
1st HH lost 5-1
Lomagundi HH won 4-0
2nd HH won 2-0
Ruzawi 1-1
Rugby vs Ruzawi 18/07/18
1st  HH lost 21-14 HH 1st XI won the Bryden Festival
2nd HH won 19-12
3rd  15-15