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Grade 6 Francis Trip to Great Zimbabwe

Sunday, September 16th, 2018 | Announcement

On Monday the 5th of June, the Grade 6 Francis class embarked on an educational trip to Masvingo, more specifically Great Zimbabwe. The boys were all on time with their luggage which was light, just as instructed, and all the boys were cheerful and excited. With everything in order, we got a parent, Mrs Magwaza to give us a send-off with a prayer and at 0710 hours, we set off. A bit of traffic jam along Josiah Tongogara Street tried to dampen our spirits but the driver navigated his way through that traffic with ease. The boys were handed a worksheet to do on our way to Masvingo just to keep them occupied. The journey went smoothly with only 1 toilet stop along the way in Chivhu for the boys and by 12 o’clock we were in Masvingo at the Masvingo Barracks where the Italian Chapel is.

Upon our arrival we went straight to the Italian Chapel. Because our guide was not around and had gone into town, the boys did some art work of the Italian Chapel and eventually, around 1 o’clock, she arrived to give us a tour of the marvelous and exquisite chapel. We were all in awe at the small but magnificent building we were in and after the tour, we headed for the Great Zimbabwe Hotel. We got to the hotel around 1410 hours and we were warmly greeted by Mr. Steven Mudenge. We got ourselves settled in our rooms nicely and once everyone was changed and ready, we went down to play some soccer and volleyball and the children really enjoyed themselves. At 1830 hours we went for supper then afterwards we watched some short videos on the history of Great Zimbabwe and the boys got to learn some fascinating facts. By 9 o’clock, all the children were in bed.

The following day, we woke up at about 6 o’clock for the boys to shower and prepare for breakfast. After breakfast we all set about preparing ourselves and headed off to the Great Zimbabwe ruins on foot which was much needed exercise for the boys. At the main gate, we were kindly greeted by our guide Alouis, who would give the boys the most interesting tour of the ruins. 2 and a half hours flew by as we went around the hill complex, the Shona village, The Great Enclosure, The Valley Complex and the museum. Around 12 o’clock we were done and headed back to the hotel for the boys to answer some questions on their worksheet and have lunch. After lunch we set off on another trip to Lake Mtirikwi. The boys had a good time at the dam and learnt a lot including how the small chapel came to be. Some of the boys seemed to have a fear of heights but they managed to walk across the dam wall eventually. We were back at the hotel by 1520 hours and we took the boys for swimming whilst others enjoyed their game of soccer and volleyball. After supper the boys went back to their rooms for some entertainment and it was lights out by 2030 hours.

Early morning on Wednesday we checked out of our rooms having thoroughly inspected the boys’ rooms. At 8 o’clock we had our breakfast and by 9 o’clock we left for Harare. We made one stop along the way for boys to buy their food in Chivhu and by 2 o’clock we were back at Hartmann House after a great trip.

Generally the boys behaved well and we did not encounter many problems with them. From the time they got on to the bus on Monday to when they stepped off it on Wednesday, the boys were wonderful and followed instructions. They represented their school very well and they had a wonderful time and so did we as their teachers.


T.I.C  –       Mrs J Nyakudya and Mr K Marimira